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monsterriot's Journal

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R I O T !   S C R E E N   C A P T U R E S

+ All captures are DVD quality.

+ All captures are available through galleries and downloadable RARs/ZIPs. I WILL re-upload expired files, so don’t hesitate to ask for another upload if you come across a dead link. Alternative upload requests are welcomed, so if a file is too big and you need it divided, or if you prefer a different host site, let me know and I’ll adhere to your request as soon as possible.

+ Comment if you’re downloading. Just throw a simple thanks my way, that’s all I ask. It’s nice to know that I’m not uploading these caps for no one.

+ Credit. We all know how much it can suck looking for certain caps, so tossing a link back to MONSTERRIOT or RIOT! CAPS under your “resources” will help others find whatever caps you use from here. Thanks!

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